We all know the scene where a car battery has gone out, leaving someone stranded on the side of a road or in a parking lot. For these situations, the person can simply contact a friend, family member, or roadside assistance company to get help. They'll arrive with a new battery and remove the old one. 

Then, they will connect everything together again. Most adults are familiar with changing and replacing a car's battery. However, it is difficult to know what to do once the battery is gone.

Salvage Yards Near Me

Getting a new car battery can be expensive. If you want to save some money, you may buy second-hand car batteries that are available at affordable rates. But you should be able to identify the condition of the battery first and buy the one which is in a good state.

Now that you have your new car battery, you must know how to dispose of the old one. Car batteries’ contain many components that allow them to function in a variety of vehicles. These components are mostly chemical-based and can pose a danger in many ways. Continue reading to find out how to safely dispose of an old car battery.

What's Inside a Car Battery?

These batteries can contain dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, and materials. A 12-volt standard battery can contain elements like lead, plastic, and sulfuric acid. Semi-trucks and tractor diesel engines may operate on a 24-volt system. To make them work, they will need two 12 volt batteries. This doubles the number of chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals. These 12-volt batteries have lead plates and lead dioxide plants. 

The electrolyte solution reacts with the plates to change the lead from lead dioxide to lead sulfate, causing a battery to lose power. This same process happens when a vehicle's battery is recharged. These chemicals are useful for the automotive industry, but we must still take responsibility for protecting the environment and ourselves from harm. 

Recycle Batteries

The unique thing about batteries is their ability to be recycled almost entirely. This means that almost all components of a battery can be reused and recycled for new batteries.