Jewelry is everywhere. It's advertised in magazines and on billboards, as well as on TV. Many of these advertisements feature jewelry that is just as common and popular as the latest Billboard hit. 

It lacks character and authenticity, which is something jewelry should have. Schmuck is a way to express yourself and should be as individual as you are. You can also buy the best Swedish & French Antiques via Helen online.

What is the Difference Between Antique, Vintage, and Estate Jewelry?

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It shouldn't be mass-produced but should be handcrafted and unique. This style is best suited for antique jewelry. Each piece is unique because many of them were made by hand before the advent of machines. 

They are well made because they have been around for a long time. Each piece comes with its own story and, with you, a future.

There are many styles of antique jewelry. The most popular is Victorian jewelry. Although there are three types, Victorian jewelry is classified as Early Victorian, Mid-Victorian and Late Victorian. 

The most popular pieces at the time were the lockets and brooches, which often featured different colored gemstones. 

Mid-Victorian (1856-1880), corresponds to a time when Queen Elisabeth was in mourning after her husband died. These designs are considered solemn and grave, which is in keeping with the spirit of mourning. 

Nouveau is the next style you should consider. Nouveau jewelry is jewelry with natural designs like flowers and butterflies (1895-1915). This jewelry is often curved and naturalistic and tries to highlight the curves of women's bodies. 

Antique jewelry is more than a piece of jewelry that you wear. It is an artifact of the past with a unique character that is unmatched by mass-produced jewelry.