The US is the largest producer of cigars in the world, with over 80% coming from American-made factories. This article dives into what makes a cigar an American-made cigar, and how they're different than their foreign counterparts. 

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What is an American cigar?

An American cigar is a cigar that is made in the United States. This means that the tobacco used in American cigars is grown in the United States and processed in the United States.

American cigars are some of the best cigars on the market. They are often more expensive than other cigars, but they are worth it. American cigars are typically made from higher-quality tobacco and are finished with a better wrapper. This makes them taste and smell better than other cigars.

If you want to enjoy the best American cigars, it is important to understand what makes an American cigar different from a Cuban cigar. Cuban cigars are made from tobacco grown in Cuba and processed in Cuba. They do not have an American wrapper, and they may not be finished with a better wrapper.