Facial massage is thought to stimulate the skin's circulation and improve blood and lymph circulation, and relax the muscles. 

Facial massages are a very soothing experience and are most appreciated when a person is under stress or is feeling tired. It can help someone brighten up after a long day at work. If you are looking for the best massage therapist, you can visit this site.

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Here are instructions on how to give you a facial massage:

1. Take half to one teaspoon of facial massage oil that is suitable for your skin type.

2. Start massaging at the base of the throat. Gently move your fingers up and outward, sliding strokes along the jaw and up to the ears, then circular motions over your cheeks and ears and around your lips.

3. Move your fingers in small circles across the cheeks and around the lips. Tap gently around the eyes.

4. Slide your finger downwards gradually from around the nose.

5. Start massaging at the middle of your forehead, use upward movements, stroke the center of the forehead, and work your way to the outside of the head, making small circular movements over the temples at the sides of the forehead.

6. Neck: start massaging from the back of the neck, gently keep going upward gradually towards the head with small circular motions, gliding strokes along the jaw and up to the ears.

7. Start massaging at the right side adjoining the area of your face near ear lobes. Use your thumb and index finger, gently move it through the jaw to your chin, then move back and forth in circular motions.