Basic health insurance is an insurance policy that covers the risk of medical expenses, especially drastic events. This is a contract that pays a premium to cover a percentage of medical expenses.

All truck drivers are required to have health insurance, but many do not. Cost is a major barrier for many truck drivers to obtain health insurance. Insurance costs can be reduced if the employer ensures their drivers. You can also check health insurance for truckers via

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Most truck drivers who work for large auto companies can get affordable group insurance through the various plans of the companies. This is much cheaper than buying an individual policy and is probably the cheapest way for these drivers to take out health insurance.

Self-driving and other drivers who do not qualify for group health insurance have other options. One is a high deductible plan that has a low monthly premium but requires that the high deductible be paid immediately before the insurance policy pays anything. This can be a very expensive option. A low deductible plan will have higher monthly premiums but a lower deductible amount.

Health insurance is a necessity. Don't risk your health or the health of your family by trying to do without them. If a health crisis arises you will be glad that you and your family are covered.