Lots of people experience occasional heartburn. Prevention of heartburn may be achieved by avoiding certain foods, beverages or making certain lifestyle changes. People who experience heartburn symptoms once or more a week might want to have their symptoms evaluated by their physician. Occasionally frequent heartburn is a symptom of a more serious health issue.

Prevention of heartburn in some instances might be accomplished by avoiding spicy or highly acidic foods like tomatoes and tomato products. Fried foods can also result in heartburn. Eating too fast or too much at once may result in heartburn. 

In cases of heartburn brought on by eating too much or the wrong foods, an over the counter antacid is usually an effective heartburn treatment. Sometimes it's crucial to keep a food journal or at least make a mental note of when the heartburn symptoms occur. Some people have found that prevention of heartburn is possible, if they are able to identify the foods that trigger the symptoms.

Heartburn symptoms occur when stomach acid leaks into the lower esophagus causing a burning or warm sensation in the back of the throat or at the peak of the stomach. An overly full stomach will be more likely to "spew" the stomach acid up. Therefore, eating smaller meals is often effective for preventing heartburn.