A car is an essential investment. Many people cannot live without a car nowadays due to the convenience that it provides. A majority of people purchase cars however, they do not always have a plan for maintenance. One of the systems in your car that you must pay close focus on is the brake system.

The brake system can fail without proper maintenance. If this happens you need to find a reputable brake repair service. You can navigate https://www.tichiautomotive.ca/brake-repair for the best brake repair services.

brake services

Here are the signs that your brake system may need repair services:

  • The car shakes when you brake. when you push the brake lever, the car should not shake. The majority of vehicles shake when there's a problem that affects an element in the back. It's crucial that an experienced repair professional determines the problem before beginning the repair. 
  • The brake pedals are soft. When your pedal gets soft, it could indicate that there is a problem with your brakes. The pedal which sinks down to the floor or becomes squishy after no resistance could need brake repair. The professional will inspect the master cylinder to determine what is causing the problem with the brakes.
  • It is a sign that the steering wheel has been shaken. Cars would display this indication whenever they experience brake problems. This problem with braking could be caused by front rotors that are distorted, when the temperature is too high, or because of pad impressions.

When the braking system is in complete disfunction, there are warning signs like the ones above. Always make sure that a qualified mechanic with sufficient experience in brake repair is working on your vehicle.