Zantac is one of many medications used to help relieve symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux. However, in turn, some patients may develop cancer or develop symptoms of Zantac cancer. If you or your loved ones have used Zantac, find out what your legal options are by speaking with a knowledgeable product responsibility attorney today. The cancer risk from using Zantac is too great to ignore. As a national law firm, they generally concentrated on holding manufacturers of hazardous drugs accountable for their negligence.

Zantac lawsuit: You are not alone

After diagnosing Zantac cancer, it is important to know that you are not alone. There are many people who suffer from the same diseases and complexities after using ranitidine. The key is to obtain a law firm that is able to provide you with the legal support and advice you need over the years to get the compensation you deserve.

Filing a Zantac cancer case is not easy and requires a lot of time and legal experience. You will spend your time focusing more on your health and your care. Let the experienced Zantac cancer attorneys at focus on gathering the evidence you need and making your claim.

Zantac Cancer Lawsuit Lawyers | Zanes Law

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Drug manufacturers whose negligence causes serious harm to patients and consumers should be held accountable. There are currently thousands of Zantac lawsuits pending across the country. As over-the-counter Zantac and ranitidine contain high levels of NDMA, they can be linked to several types of cancer, including:

  • Stomach cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Heart cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Throat/nose cancer