People often seek body image counseling because they feel that they need help improving their self-image. People may feel that they have poor body image if they:

1) Feel that they are not physically attractive.

2) Feel that their weight is affecting their quality of life. To Seek Body Image Counseling you can get Virtual online services.

3) Are concerned about the way their body looks in clothing.

4) Are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts, buttocks, hips, or other body parts.

5) Feel that they are not satisfied with the way their body looks in clothes.

6) Have concerns about how they look in photos or videos.

7) Are uncomfortable with how they look in mirrors.

8) Are preoccupied with thoughts about their appearance and how others see them.

9) Make negative comparisons between themselves and others who look better than they do.

10) Struggle with eating disorders or other problems related to their weight or body image.

11) Are preoccupied with how they look in the mirror or on the Internet.

12) Feel that others are critical or unkind about their appearance.

13) Have low self-esteem, regardless of their actual body size.

14) Try to avoid being seen in public because of concerns about their appearance.

15) Seek reassurance from other people that they look okay.

16) Focus more on appearance than their usual activities and social activities.

17) Feel uncomfortable with the way their body looks in certain clothes (clothes do not fit properly).

18 ) Believe that what they wear does not reflect who they are (do not feel comfortable wearing a certain outfit or can't wear certain items of clothing).