The popularity of Thai food stems largely from the variety and intensity of the flavours. But it is also one of the healthiest cuisines due to the properties of the ingredients used and its method of cooking. You can navigate to to know the reason why Thai meals are a healthy option.

Thai food is cooked quickly on a high heat. This retains much of the goodness and flavour. Very little oil is used in the cooking of Thai stir-fried dishes. A little oil is added to the wok at the beginning and then a broth is added to ensure the dish does not dry out.

Most Thai curries contain fresh vegetables as well as the main ingredient. Extra vegetables may be served as a side dish. Thai chefs use natural sweeteners such as palm sugar. This has a lower GI than common refined sugars and also provides a more intense taste. 

And Thai chefs do not use common salt. Saltiness is achieved by adding fish sauce which is full of protein, vitamins and minerals. Thai cuisine does not make much use of dairy products and so the dishes tend to include less hidden fats from ingredients like butter and cream.