When we decided it was time to let the boys have separate bedrooms, we thought it best to try to fit their tastes as much as possible, so we asked them what they wanted in their rooms. My youngest wanted a bedroom with themed adventure and the eldest just wanted somewhere that was silent and relaxing so he could chill out. What none of us knew really was what other options were available, so we decided to go online and take a look.

We discovered that there are countless choices of kids beds and mattresses and you are able to mix and match as you please. That's a great thing as the right mattress is so vital to give children a sound night's sleep. I intended to buy high-quality mattresses for both of them, so I really only needed their input on the choice of frames. It was not long before I discovered what they liked and what they did not like.

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The eldest liked the wooden frames best and I had to accept that they looked stylish and also come with storage space below which was great for me. Most of the frames were mid heights and some even had desk spaces beneath so the boys could use that when doing their homework. The desks were just the right size for doing a spot of homework, which my hubby was quick to point out.

The youngest liked the wooden frames but wanted another style so we went off in search of that. That was a pity because they stored a second, comfortable bed beneath which could be pulled out for an extra guest bed when needed, but this did not appeal to James. His eye straight away went to the frames that were painted in bright colors and themed like racing cars.